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Environmental Policy
To be an environmentally conscious company, Cadenza Chemical Ltd has established a company wide Environmental Management Policy that addresses the limitation of environmental impacts, the conservation of resources, and the promotion of communication with customers and local communities in order to improve the environment and contribute to a coherent society.
1.     environmental impacts:
a.     Decrease dissipation loss that may result from production activities.
b.     Promote energy  efficiency to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
c.      Promote recycling and reuse of resources.
d.     Encourage recyclable packaging materials and the reuse of packaging materials.
2.     Establishment of a process to reduce environmental impacts through product upgrading and development.
3.     Promotion of environmental consciousness through education and training.
4.     Maintenance of mutual trust through improved communication with local communities.
5.     Compliance with laws and regulations.


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